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Smart Puck

The Smart Puck is the only piece of hockey merch that automatically tracks your team’s stats. Connect it to your WiFi, charge it up, and it will update with your team’s stats after every game. It shows the current record, points, division rank, and win/loss streak. In addition it shows you the result of the last game played as well as the date, time, and opponent for the next game.


Currently the Smart Puck is available in two styles; a generic blank puck or an officially licensed team puck. You can’t go wrong either way. The blank pucks are great for customizing with things like alternate team logo stickers or even having a player sign it at a practice or game. The officially licensed game puck version is exactly like the ones you can already buy in stores except the Smart Puck has an automatically updating stat display on it.


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Currently the Smart Puck is only available on Kickstarter. The good news is you can get one there for a sweet discount. After the Kickstarter campaign ends we will work on opening up orders through this website. If you are a distributor interested reselling the Smart Puck please reach out via our contact form.